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Who we are

IWMM a not for profit organisation providing education, victim advocacy, solution focussed support and unified agency working.  We are a victim centric service.

A unique service, we build confidence in our clients and remain solution focused at all times.

IWMM do not duplicate the work already established abuse agencies offer. We are a victim centric service that supports the often very complex journey of a victim of crime and support them to navigate many agencies they may need to access following traumatic events.

Our aim at IWMM is to support and have positive outcomes for our service users and their families by providing advocacy and support. We encourage professional partners to understand the emotional intricacies of the victim and we continue to educate for a culture change to place the emphasis and responsibility back on the perpetrator for their actions.

Our goal to ensure that survivor(s) of abuse transition through each stage with clarity and feeling fully supported.  Currently no other agency follows this journey.  IWMM fill this gap.

Training is available for service users, professionals, schools, court staff, social workers, 3rd sector companies, schools, therapists and more.

Please contact us for further information info@iwmm.net

IWMM Exec Team

Zoe Dronfield – Founder and Director

Zoe set up the organisation following her near death experience and the traumatic events that followed.  She remains the backbone of the organisation and has a victim centric vision for all services.  An avid campaigner for law change Zoe also lobby’s government to strengthen laws in the UK and Ireland around criminal and family proceedings.  It is her hope that all services will one day work in Unity.


Kelly Bristow – Author of a Prison without walls