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Confidence Classes

IWMM have regular confidence and hypo-cise classes in Coventry.

For more information you will need to go through a screening process as safety of our survivors is paramount. Once accepted you can attend, making a small donation to the charity.

Zoe Dronfield in a flooding session following her trauma


For more information please email

Secure Survivor Forum & Community

IWMM have a secure Forum for survivors to share stories, make friends, get advice. Our moderators are on hand if you have any particular topics you wish us to discuss and support you, providing you with advice and guidance around topics to do with domestic violence.

To use the secure Forum you will need to Register on the website with a password and username. Familiarise yourself with staying safe online, removing your cookies and browser history. Stay safe always. Once registered your will be granted access after checks are completed.

Bad language or abuse will not be tolerated and you will be removed if this is picked up by the moderators.

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